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LOST Surfboards

Lost Surfboards
Formed by a group of friends known as the Lost team - they have evolved into one of the best surfboard makers on the west coast.

The Rocket:
A runaway success! The most positive reaction to a new model since the original Round Nose Fish! Originally shaped as a 5'3" for Shane’s young son Noah by former ...Lost shaper and pro surfer Noah Budroe. The board features a wide forward outline with round forgiving rails, flat deck and a wide “rocket” tail. The rocker is extremely low in the entry, for instant speed, with an exaggerated kick in the tail for tight arcs out of turns.
This board actually has as much tail rocker as any board in our line. Coupled with a deep concave throughout, via a straightened stringer line, the board is a small to average wave all-rounder that can be effectively ridden 4" to 8" shorter, 1/8" thinner, and just slightly wider than your normal short board without sacrificing any of the carve or drive. This thing has to be ridden to be believed...


The FI is inspired by the ultimate performance of F1 racing cars, featuring the perfect combination of speed and turning. Everything I have learned in 20 years of shaping, influenced by working with the best shapers and surfers in the world, culminates into this... What I consider to be the perfect combination of both drive and glide, with both carving arcs and tight radius turning. It features design elements from every high performance model we have ever made (From the SD series to the Whiplash and Psycho Ward).
The most notable features are a relaxed entry rocker from our groveler boards, blending into long, curvy tail rocker outline with concave deepest under the front foot. Narrow hips for precision and control combined with the rocker gives a board that works at both low and high speeds, flat or curvy waves. Simply put, it’s our take on the modern, cutting edge, high performance short board. Now also available in FST technology.

Give us a call at 503-717-1110 or come by the shop if youre in the area and want to own or learn more about the Lost Surfboards. We can order custom boards direct..

A high performance, secret weapon hybrid. Team riders (Pros) were stoked on The Rocket’s performance in small surf, but were afraid to use it in contests for fear of negative reactions from judges. At the same time, the (Bros) were asking for a "short board that surfs like the Rocket". We started with the idea of “hiding” our Rocket model into the guise of a pointed nose performance short board.
First we extended the nose and added nose rocker, but kept a lot of volume in the extension. The tail is pulled in behind the rear foot and features a more radical “fang” in the rocket tail to add range and bite for more control in tight turns. The combination of extreme tail rocker and deep concave provide lift and unparalleled turning radius. The Low entry rocker with a short board nose template gives a longer rail line which allows performance short board antics.
Flat deck and full rails keeps everything easy for everyone. It comes standard as a 5 fin “Convertible Quiver Killer”. Finally, there’s a board that can be “Everything for Everyone.” Ride approx 4" longer than a Rocket, or 2" shorter than a high performance short board. Now also available in FST technology.