Vissla 7 Seas 3mm Glove Review 2017-2018

February 10, 2018

Vissla 7 Seas 3mm Glove Review 2017-2018

Beat it, kook! Send cold water out of the line-up while maintaining full use of your fingers. The Vissla 7 Seas 3mm 5-finger glove provides all the warmth, stretch, function, and durability you need, for a much better price than the competition. Wearing gloves isn’t ideal, but a pair of Vissla gloves makes it way better.Vissla Wetsuit Gloves, exterior
When it comes to high performance surfing in cold water, all begins with warmth. Deluxe neoprene comes standard with Vissla, and 3mm of it will trap heat like seal blubber. Cold water finds no way into the 7 Seas because these gloves were designed by smart people. The cuff seals wrap tightly around your wrists to enforce a water-tight fit. Glued and blind-stitched seams prevent leaks, and get an added layer of protection thanks to taitex liquid seam sealant on the exterior. A cozy tight fit also helps refuse cold water entry.
Wind chill poses a different threat, which is why Vissla gave the 7 Seas 3mm glove a smooth skin exterior. Wind-resistant duramax on the outside fights the chill even more. Meanwhile, a thermal liner heats your hands from the inside, and quick-dry fibers have your gloves ready for the morning. Surfing in gloves turns out to be not so bad.
Good grip is crucial in surf-specific gloves like the 7 Seas. Popping up, grabbing rail, or even frontside slob grabs require hand traction, and silicon is the key. Little dots of this magical substance on the palm help your hands adhere to fiberglass despite the slipperiness of water. And since your hands are already warm, all five fingers know exactly where to go.
Plenty of 3mm gloves exist in this world, but none are as functional and well priced as the 7 Seas. Trust your cold water surfing, and your wallet, to Vissla, and follow the words of Chandler: Go ahead, go shred.

Made for water 49-58 F

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