Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuit Review

February 10, 2018

Vissla 7 Seas Wetsuit Review

Paddle across the seven seas in search of tasty waves—the Vissla 7 Seas wetsuit will keep you warm, energized, and stoked no matter the conditions. Made in a version for any temperature, from spring suit to hooded, the 7 Seas creates warmth, seals out flushes, stretches like latex, and withstands a beating. Best of all, though, is the ultra-affordable price tag. Money saved on a wetsuit means more time surfing and traveling, less time working and saving.Hooded 7 Seas Wetsuit
Besides using 100% super stretch neoprene, the Vissla 7 Seas improves your surfing thanks to an ergonomic surf-specific fit. Paddling efficiency and ease come first. Flexibility for cutbacks or an air reverse follows suit. Vissla uses its super stretch Neo 2.0 seam tape, for example, to keep performance higher than Spicoli. “Doesn’t that stuff cause brain damage?” No. It causes radness.
For added comfort and effectiveness, the 7 Seas relies on Vissla’s Cris-X easy chest entry system. Gimmicks have no place here. Function rules. The on-off is rapid thanks to a generous opening and stretch. Minimalism also keeps the chest and shoulders less bulky, so you spend less energy paddling.
A water-tight zipper and elastic draw cords prevent leakage, because even in warmer waters a water-logged wetsuit will suck. Liquid-taped cuff seals wrap around your wrists, and triple-glued, double-stitched seams help keep water from entering your suit.
Backzip Vissla 7 Seas WetsuitCrazy warmth also comes from the lining Vissla uses in the 7 Seas. In the back, chest, and down the front of the thighs, a thermal hollow-fiber fabric traps heat where you need it most. The lower legs, back of the thighs, and hood have a lighter thermal lining. Quick dry fibers have your suit ready for dawn patrol. If this suit could surf on its own, it would.
Besides all this, performance comes in the form of Supratex knee pads, and smooth skin torso panels on certain suits. Vissla incorporates only what you really need in a surfing wetsuit. That’s one way they keep the price down, add durability, and minimize weight. Think simplicity. Focus on your surfing. All you need is a cool buzz, tasty waves, and you’re fine, thanks to the 7 Seas.

Available in a hooded 5/4/3mm, hooded and non-hooded 4/3mm, back zip 4/3mm, 3/2mm fullsuit, and 2/2mm short sleeve and spring suit.

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