Survival Stiker Fire Starter

Suvival Striker

Survival Striker - Medium

The safest most dependable fire ignition tool. Works great in wet conditions, cold temps, and high elevations. No one knows wet like the pacific NW. This tool is the ultimate fire starter and absolutely what you need to get a fire going.
Ferrocerium Rod, a man made flint made from top of the line European ferro. Burns hotter, strikes longer and is more controllable. Burns 7X times hotter than a match.
Magnesium, 5400 degrees Farenheit is hot hot hot. 99.9% purity means its soft and easily scraped from the tool to help ignition.
Padauk Handle, a dense African hardwood, you can scrape it to a fluff to assist with firestarter material. Farmed and sustainable as a renewable resource too!Scraper Tool, Hardened steel thats heat treated so it retains its edge with a finish to help prevent rust. Attached to leather cord to keep it anchored to your tool.

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