Futures Fins - F8 V2 Blackstix 3.0 Tri-Fin Set

Futures Fins


No need to work off that beer belly, big guy: get yourself some Futures F8 V2 Blackstix 3.0's and crush small waves like they're empty beer cans. These are the biggest Blackstix fin, made for surfers over 180 lbs (80 kg). The Blackstix line means fast, drivey fins for smaller waves, but which also allow for hard carves. It's an all-around fin made of carbon fiber and epoxy resin, made to rip. Bottoms up! Tri fin set.

                   Side Fins        Center Fin
Area           15.90              15.90
Height         4.64               4.64
Base           4.47               4.47
Foil             V2                  SYMM

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