Isurus 2019

Excellent values of elongation and recovery. This means it fit
and acts like a second skin providing you with unrestricted
range of motion you have not experienced before. To quote
surfers, “it just feels better.”
Durability- Yamamoto’s proprietary closed-cell manufacturing
process also results in a neoprene that is also highly durable
while remaining extremely stretchy that feels and acts like a
second skin. It doesn’t get loose over time like traditional
neoprene that in a new suit, “feels” great, but quickly loses its
elongation recovery as the cell structure breaks down.
Traditional neoprene acts more like a kitchen sponge (in terms
of water absorption) in many cases increasing the weight of a
wetsuit by 2x or more requiring more body heat to warm the
water, more energy to paddle and maneuver in a restrictive
heavy water laden suit, and much longer drying times
between surf sessions.