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Rinsekit - Portable Pressurized Shower

Chris Crawford – Inventor
After years of going to work sandy and salty after a morning surf, young inventor Chris Crawford saw a need in the market for portable, pressurized water. Taking his knowledge of integrated water systems from a career in the pool construction business, Chris developed the first Rinse Kit prototype in his garage. Inspired by the countless “where did you get that?” and “that thing is awesome, how does it work?” questions, Chris decided to open his garage door and take his creation to the public. Chris knew that in order to do so he would have to build a team of like-minded individuals that would not only share his passion for the outdoors, but were committed to achieving his vision of offering this simplistic yet life-enhancing product to the masses.

At RinseKit they take pride in being the guardians of Chris’ vision. They wake up every day with the same goal of adding value to their company, so that everyone who uses this revolutionary product will find benefit in it’s use, just like they all have. Whether you’re rinsing off like Chris after a surf session, cleaning muddy boots from a hard day’s work, or washing your dirty dog before it jumps in the car, we hope that the RinseKit helps you find more time in your day to do the things you love.

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