2017/18 Xcel Axis X Men's 5/4mm Hooded Wetsuit - Black

Xcel Wetsuits


The new Xcel men’s Axis wetsuit is all you really need. Limestone neoprene gives stretch and warmth while staying lightweight and ecological. Cozy Thermo Lite lining and a watertight zipper only make the Axis better. Bombproof stitching and Xcel warranty service mean this will be the last wetsuit you purchase for a while, the one you just don’t want to get rid of. For the price, there’s no better hooded 5/4mm wetsuit out there. Put that in the barrel and smoke it.


  • Plush Thermo Lite Chest = Comfort and Warmth
  • 100% Performance Stretch = Great Comfort
  • Glued and Blind Stitched = Water Tight Construction
  • Reinforce Taped Stress Points = Durable Construction
  • Water Tight Zipper = Keeps Water Out
  • Limestone Veoprene = Lighter, Softer
  • Engineered Design = Fits Like a Second Skin
  • Glide Skin Collar = Prevents Flushing
  • Dope Dye Yarn = Soft Eco Friendly Anti Fade



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