SK8 & SHRED - Event Rules/Park Regulations/Liability

After you have registered online on the registration page you must bring a signed Rules & Regulation & Liability and Waiver Form which can be downloaded here. This must be filled out before you check in on June 22nd at the skate park. You can also pick up copies of these forms at Seaside Surf Shop or at Sunset Parks and Rec. 

Seaside Skate ’N Ride Park Rules & Regulations:

Skate 'N Ride Team & Special Events Have Scheduling Priority on June 22nd 2024.

Skate Contest Rules and Criteria will be announced and listed at the event.

ORS 105.672 - 105.688 : The City or Park & Recreation District DOES NOT Assume Responsibility for Injuries. You are responsible for skating safely and avoiding injury. The Use of Protective Equipment, Including HELMETS, KNEE & ELBOW PADS, & WRIST GUARDS is STRONGLY Recommended.

ORS 814.485 & 814.600 - Helmets for 15 & younger is the State Law and required for this event. We are requiring that  Ages 18 and under are to wear a helmet for SK8 ‘n Shred contest.

No Tagging, Graffiti, Defacing of public property or Stickers on the Skate Park grounds, you will be introduced to the Seaside Police Department on a Formal Basis.

Additional Ramps, Jumps or Obstacles are NOT allowed in riding area.

Be Respectful of Other Park Users and Our Neighbors.

No profanity allowed.

Use Trash Containers - Please NO Food or Drink in Riding Area.

Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Drugs & Glass Containers are NOT Allowed.

Spectators/Parents/Friends Should Keep the Ramp Clear for Skaters. No bikes,  Inline Riders, or Rollerblading during the event of the SK8 ‘n Shred contest.

NO Dogs or Animals in the Skate Area. No Motorized Vehicles

Not Responsible for Any Lost or Stolen Property!