Xcel Drylock Men's 4/3mm Hooded Wetsuit - Black

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2018/19 Xcel Drylock Celliant Men's 4/3mm Hooded Wetsuit - Black
 Already a premium wetsuit, the Xcel Drylock has evolved further. Now made of 100% Japanese neoprene, which uses limestone instead of petroleum, the new Drylock is warmer, stretchier, and lighter. TDC Celliant Black lines the entire suit with an improved mineral formula that cranks the heat. To prevent flushing, a watertight zipper, Drylock wrist donuts, and grippy NexSkin seals add comfort and warmth. And that’s only the start. As the new Drylock proves, Xcel just got even better.

Type: Wetsuits

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