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Creatures 8' Reliance Pro Leash - Clear/Black

Everyday kick-ass leash. Hefty enough for mid-size waves, or for powerful waters like here in Oregon. Slick new velcro, much stronger than the old NASA stuff. Double stainless swivel. Makes for a great dog leash later.

Regular Leash for medium-sized waves and all-round conditions. A new generation of reliability in a 7mm cord makes it a go-to leash ready for tackling a broad range of conditions with longer boards


Leash Length: 8'
Cord Thickness: 9/32"
Cuff Width: 1 3/4"
Railsaver Width: 1"


Patented DNA Flex Mould connection
Non-Slip Cuff - Streamline
Surefire Leash Release
Moulded Velcro®
Dual Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel - SS316
2 Year Warranty
Responsible Packaging - Plastic Free