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DB Longboards Paradim Blue & Gold 41" Complete

  • Info:
  • Materials/Parts:
  • This board will come with randomized wheel colors due to Covid shortages.

    The Paradigm 41" is an awesome drop-through longboard designed for everything from cruising to freeriding and downhill. This longboard has super comfy dropped pockets for locking in long slides and standies.

  • Board Construction: 8-Ply North American Maple
    Length: 41.00 inches
    Width: 9.00 inches
    Trucks: 180mm Atlas Ultralight
    Wheels 69mm Cloud Ride Cruisers
    Flexibility: Speed Stiff
    Maximum Wheelbase: 31.875 inches
    Minimum Wheelbase: 31.125 inches
    Mounting Style: Drop-Thru
    Version: 2020..