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Futures Fins - F4 Blackstix 3.0 Tri-Fin Set

Put your surfboard on speed, then lay into a rail: Futures Fins F4 Blackstix 3.0 are down to party! These fins let you pump down the line and crank into turns thanks to their flex pattern and full tip. They're one of Futures' most popular fins, made light and responsive with futuristic carbon fiber. Designed for surfers in the 105-155 pound range (47-70 kilos). Don't be square, ride Blackstix F4's. Tri fin set.

The F4 Blackstix is a small size Speed Generating fin with a Ride Number of 9.6. The springy flex pattern of the Blackstix construction combined with the V2 Foil give this fin an ultra lively feel. It's the ideal choice for creating speed in smaller waves.

                 Side Fins          Center Fin
Area         14.22                14.22
Height       3.37                  3.37
Base         4.22                  4.22
Foil           V2                     S YMM