G-Plugs Surfer Ear Plugs

G Plugs are a simple ear plug for immersion sports like swimming and surfing. Designed to fit comfortably to the contours of the ear, stopping water entry, whilst retaining hearing.

The use of earplugs to help prevent the onset of swimmers/surfers ear has been crucial in keeping him in the water and away from the surgeons table.

G plugs have been tried and tested in the most extreme surf conditions around the world, from giant tropical waves of Hawaii to the cold big wave waters of Ireland and Portugal.

Fraction of the cost of competitors
No excess packaging
No waste
Easy to clean, re use

Made from soft and flexible, non-porous material
Skin colour for a subtle look, easy to find if dropped
'Pro acoustic' design enables minimal hearing loss
Precision moulded to naturally fit the ear

Designed to prevent over insertion
Simple fitting and removal
One size fits all

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