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Island Fin Design- 7.5" Makai Fin - White Aloha Print

“A great fin for 2+1 setups allowing for speed and hold, without letting up on drive. Similar to the Islander just a little more downsized and narrower based for sinking in on the turns. The Makai is also a great starting point for mid-lengths and single-fin shortboards as it is very versatile in many types of waves. “ - Keoki Saguibo, Hawaii Pro Longboarder with years of experience using our fins.

Commonly used as a 2+1 performance longboard and paddleboard setup, Makai is extremely versatile and will suit that classic shortboard single fin you’ve got stashed away.

*Because this is a fabric with flowers and foliage printed on it at random, some will have more flowers than foliage, and vice versa depending on where the fin is cut from the panel. Some may have more red flowers, and some more blue flowers, etc. No two fins are alike.

- Made in 6.5" and 7.5"

- Matte finish

- One screw + plate included

- Handmade since 1979, North Shore, Oahu