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Island Fin Design- 9.5" Islander - Tapestry Print

One of the more popular fin choices, the Islander is made for all-around capabilities with an emphasis on speed and responsiveness. A great fin to try on boards that you look to loosen up a little and a great fin for down-the-line surfing. The Islander works well in wave heights from shoulder-high to well overhead.” - Keoki Saguibo, Hawaii Pro Longboarder with years of experience using our fins.

A popular single fin choice, The Islander is favored for its all around performance capabilities. It keeps your speed and responds on the fly. With a slight update to this template from our last collection, we've tapered the tip just slightly for a faster release in transitions.

- Because this is a fabric with flowers printed on it at random, no two fins are alike and will vary depending on where the fin is cut from the panel.

- Made in 9.0" and 9.5"

- Matte finish

- One screw + plate included

- Handmade since 1979, North Shore, Oahu