Isurus Ember Womens 454 Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit




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The Isurus Ember Womens 454 Chest Zip Wetsuit is a high performing cold water wetsuit with what is called muscle stabilization (MST) taping which increases blood flow in the body keeping you warmer longer. Made from Yamamoto neoprene is extremely light but very very warm. Tested in the chili waters of San Francisco. Temperature Range: 47° – 56° F (8° – 13° C)  First Women’s Compression Wetsuit with Kinesiology based MST

Chest Zip Entry System
100% Japanese Neoprene from Yamamoto
Closed Cell Ultra Light – (Doesn’t Absorb H2O)
Quick Drying – 98% Hydrophobic
4 mm Aerodome Zircronium Fleece in the Chest and Back
4mm Waist Down
3 mm in the Arms

*this item ships straight from the manufacturer.


Type: Wetsuits

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