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Lost Surfboards - 5'3" C4 Hydra Surfboard

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  • The HYDRA is a minuscule wave monster, melding more than 25 years of developing small wave fish and mini wave hybrids. It implements proven design details from a myriad of models like the Puddle Jumper, Bottom Feeder, Pelagic, and most recently the RNF-Retro. Built around an overall low rocker paired to an almost traditional “fish” outline, this little sea monster is a mini-wave weapon.

  • 5'3" x 20.25 x 2.30 - 28L EPS C4 Construction


    After more than two years of development and testing, we are proud to announce the launch of C4 composite construction. The continuing evolution of integrating all natural, fully renewable and sustainable Cork, into a durable and light weight, high-performance custom surfboard construction. Developed with Drew Baggett, of Old City Composites, C4 is built by wrapping a 1.5lb EPS foam core with full deck 1.5mm Cork. The Cork deck serves as a performance enhancing dampener, and also dramatically increases strength.

    Expanding upon the original, C3 (exposed cork) construction, C4 features the Cork sandwiched between multiple layers of fiberglass. By layering glass both between the Cork and the EPS core, as well wrapping over the cork and around the rails, we create a “sandwich” with incredible impact and impressive tensile strength and durability, while remaining light weight.

    Cork, being a natural living and growing plant (harvested repeatedly from a living tree) is a renewable and sustainable resource. No trees are chopped down. The Cork “bark” is periodically “harvested”, with no harm to the tree, which then slowly re-grows its Cork shell. Cork is the only truly renewable, natural living material used in surfboard construction today. A stark contrast of the typical (harmful and toxic) PVC foam sandwich shells and “stringers” used in most all other sandwich construction surfboards today.

    But back to performance! Cork is a natural dampener which smooths out the ride of an EPS surfboard. Cork settles down vibrations and chatter, so prevalent in most EPS surfboards. Its spreads, and smooths out surface chatter, to provide a soothing Cadillac glide. The Cork deck is like a suspension system on windy days, and in larger surf and variable conditions, which so commonly create chaos and unpredictable performance in “epoxy” or EPS surfboards. The Cork is painted white, except for strategically placed “peekaboo” windows, where you can see the natural Cork through the fused carbon reinforcements. The bottom is built layering multiple layers of 4oz fiberglass, the final layer being a wrap of “D” Glass. Both the top and bottom feature fused carbon fiber, exo-skeletal stringers. The Fused Carbon adds strength, and provides pop, bringing a responsive, rapid spring back to the flex. C4 boards are designed to withstand a barrage of typical daily damage, while remaining light, lively and energetic under foot, and providing long lasting, durable and high-performance fun.

  • Futures 5-Fin
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$ 590.75
$ 795.00
Lost Surfboards - 5'3" C4 Hydra Surfboard - Seaside Surf Shop
Lost Surfboards - 5'3" C4 Hydra Surfboard - Seaside Surf Shop
$ 590.75
$ 795.00
Lost Surfboards - 5'3" C4 Hydra Surfboard - Seaside Surf Shop
Lost Surfboards - 5'3" C4 Hydra Surfboard - Seaside Surf Shop

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