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Who= Who should be riding this model
When= When should this model be ridden
What= What this model is about
Who- This board is for the fearless advanced level surfers.
When- The Retro Gun is for the big stuff, whether it be choppy, calm, or offshore…simple as that.
What- The Retro Gun is a knife, designed to get you in as early as possible, make it to the bottom and set up for whatever lies ahead. This board will do all the work for you, which is exactly what you want in a big wave gun. Starting at the nose, the Retro Gun has a low entry rocker, a classic beaked nose, and a healthy amount of forward volume. The aim here being, get in the wave as early as possible. Moving down the board, the deck is flat with steep tapered rails. The flat deck gives the rider plenty of stability and the steep rails give the board the nimble characteristic which allows you to have confidence when positioning yourself on the wave. After passing the middle, the outline makes a hard B-line inwards to the pin-tail. This is crucial in a step-up as it helps create and maintain speed while the pin tail allows for maneuverability when needed. Flipping over to the bottom of the Retro Gun, the concaves play a very important role. Featuring a continuous Vee through the entire board(and a deep double concave through the tail), this allows for a board with such a high volume to sit lower in the water which makes the rails easy to engage. The Retro Gun does not use standard glassing like the typical shortboard. 6 x 4 OZ glass is used on the deck as well as a 4 ply redwood stringer for added strength that still has some flexibility. The Retro Gun can take a beating, to say the least.

7'0" x 19.75 x 2.85 - 42 CL


Futures 5

*Factory blemish that has been repaired. $50.00 Off

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Category: Five Fin Surfboards

Type: Surfboard

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