Powell Peralta PPP Tie Dye Cruiser 276 Complete - 8.6x27.74

Powell Peralta


Tie Dye

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Top Quality 7-Ply Maple, Santa Barbara, California made deck. Powell Peralta Soft Slide Formula 'Snakes' 66mm wheels, Bones REDS bearings and Mini-Logo Trucks.

The Mini Logo trucks have medium hardness cushions for easy, fluid turning and control. Number one selling Bones REDS bearings combined with soft, smooth, Powell-Peralta Soft Slide 75a wheels providing incredible roll, making each push go farther, and skating a joy. You will love this little gem. Perfect for campus, sidewalk or cross town transportation.

Deck Shape 276
Deck Concave SP0
Deck Wheelbase 15.38"
Deck Length 27.74"
Deck Width 8.6"
Deck Nose 2.4"
Deck Tail 5.77"
Wheel Core Yes
Wheel Diameter 66mm
Wheel Hardness 75a
Wheel Formula Soft Slide
Wheel Color Green
Wheel Suggested Use All Terrain
Wheel Surface Smooth
Truck Width 8.0"
Truck Make Mini Logo
Wheel Formula
SHR Super High Rebound

Type: Skate

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