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Solid Surfboards - 7'0" Frisbee Surfboard

Solid Surfboards best selling “fun board”.. excuse me “Mid-Length” for the last decade and a half. Looking for something super easy and fun. Great paddler, full stable rails, plenty of rocker to keep you from eating sh*t on late takeoffs? Here ya go – the perfect option to have fun and catch more waves than anyone else in the lineup. Secret weapon crowd killer. Not to mention this thing works damn good off the tail, super maneuverable. Great option to progress from softboards, wavestorms, into the higher performing shapes & constructions. A great launching point and also a great board to fall back on – something that never loses its place in your quiver. Stop struggling and have some fun on this one.

7'0" x 21.25 x 2.75 - 57.1 L

FCS2 Plus Single Fin Box - Fins Not Included

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$ 828.00
$ 975.00
$ 828.00
$ 975.00

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