Solite 6mm Custom Pro Boot - Black/Orange

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17002 6mm CUSTOM PRO- 9


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Surfing in cold water requires commitment, and a superior pair of booties. Solite makes only one thing, surf boots, and it’s no coincidence that they now make the best. The Custom Pro is their top-level bootie.

These 6mm booties have you covered from the mid latitudes up to the Arctic. Built on a seamless, injection-molded thermo foam sole with arch support, the Custom Pro offers super warm and lightweight performance, including natural rubber traction.

Designed for durability, these boots have minimal (yet bomb proof) quadruple-sealed seams, reinforced ankle pulls, and a Tatex heel spine. The Custom Pro also features a donut cuff seal and an ankle strap that includes the sole for a locked-in fit. And like all Solite boots, they custom mold to your feet (using boiling water) for unreal hi-tech comfort. Frozen feet can’t ride waves, but Solite feet can crush it like an icebreaker.

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