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Solite Boots 8mm Custom Boot - 2022 Black/Red

Recommended Water Temps: 32F+

Simply the Warmest, Lightest, Best Fitting Boot you can Buy

For maximum warmth, barefoot response, and super-light simplicity, the Solite 8mm Custom has no equal. Unlike other spongy, sloppy cold-water neoprene boots, our heat-moldable Thermofoam sole provides a direct connection to your board and feels like a second skin.

Solite Thermofoam SoleSolite Round Toe
Our patented heat-moldable Thermofoam sole eliminates the spongy/sloppy feel of a neoprene-sole boot. Perfect fit equals instant response and comfort, and the round-toe design insures all toes touch each other for maximum warmth. The Thermo Foam Sole is 8mm thick in the toes/heels for extra protection and 7mm elsewhere.

Upgraded Neoprene Lining with Tatex Flex-Spine
This season we've also upgraded the outer lining material to the same one we use on the Custom Pros and Custom Fire, improving durability and minimizing water absorption. Further fortifying the exterior is our exclusive Tatex Flex Spine. The Flex Spine stiffens the back of the boot, acting as a shoe-horn for easy entry and also providing a sticky surface to grab your wetsuit leg and prevent flushing. The inside is lined with a plush quick-dry lining material for max airflow, improving warmth and comfort.

Solite EZ-O CuffSolite Overkill Seams

Our EZ-O Cuff design provides a seamless barrier against flushing with a larger panel than other o-ring seals, providing much easier on-off and reducing stress on the seams. To reduce bulk under the wetsuit leg and allow for easier on-off, the EZ-O panel is reduced to 5mm thickness. Since booties take serious abuse, we cut no corners on our neoprene seam construction. Our Overkill neoprene seams are triple-glued, blind-stitched, then sealed on the exterior with liquid seam seal for maximum durability and longevity.

Reinforced Stealth-Loop

To ease on/off, we've integrated our low-profile Stealth-Loop in the heel. The Stealth Loop is laminated between the neoprene and our co-molded rubber/textile heel reinforcement patch, providing incredible durability and pull-strength. The Stealth Loop is also Tatex-coated for extra strength and zero-water absorption.

1mm Neoprene Round-Toe Heat-Booster Socks in the Box

The 8mm Customs include a pair of our 1mm Neoprene Round-Toe Heat-Booster Socks in the box. These socks are a critical component of our Solite "system", particularly in the frigid waters where the 8mm Customs are used. Benefits of the 1mm Neoprene socks are numerous:

Add 5-10F warmth to the boots for longer sessions in frigid conditions.
Increase comfort with a soft, plush barrier between the foot and the Thermofoam sole.
Make the boots easy on/off with a low-friction outer surface.
Keep boots smelling fresh since the socks can be easily washed/dried separately.