Solite Boots Heat Booster Socks - Black

Solite Boots


Solite Heat Booster split-toe wetsuit socks take your Solite boots (or any other boots) to next-level versatility. Wearing Heat Booster socks inside your boots adds a few degrees of extra warmth, provides a more cushy feel, and makes putting on/taking off your wetsuit boots super easy.


Polyester/Nylon/Spandex blend won't absorb water, dries fast, and provides a boost of warmth for frigid days.
Split toe design fits inside all Solite boots and any other split-toe or round-toe boot.
Sweat-free surface friction let your boots and wetsuit slide on much easier.
Machine wash and dry to eliminate stinky bacteria inside your boots.
Use 'em for any activity, in or out of the water. Even flip-flop socks if you are into that sort of thing.
Available in two sizes: Small (US Mens 6-9) and Large (US Mens 10-13).


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