Stand On Liquid S.U.P. - 12' Sundset Sort Top SUP - Blue

Used Surfboards

Stand On Liquid's Sunset 12' Touring Paddle Board is the ideal board for learning the fundamentals of touring and SUP racing. One of the most durable boards on the market, the Sunset's light weight and displacement nose translate into speed, stability, and style for a great price.

Our EVA Soft Top Construction provides excellent durability and impact resistance making it a great option for SUP schools, rental fleets, or those looking for a beginner board that can handle some bumps and dings. This construction uses a closed-cell EPS foam core with a 5mm wood stringer. Next we add a layer of fiberglass and high strength epoxy for extra durability and a more rigid, less spongy stance area. The rails, nose, tail and deck are wrapped with an EVA foam for a comfortable, durable finish. The EVA Soft Top paddleboards come with either a HDPE or IXPE bottom.


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