USED North Pacific Surfboards - 6'0" Squash Tail Surfboard


Used North Pacific 6'0" Surfboard.

North Pacific Surfboards has been serving the Northwest surf scene since 1985. We live, work and play in the Great North Pacific and surf the coast every chance we get. We can tell you first hand the best places to go, and what works best. Our focus is on giving you personalized service.

Art Colyer has been shaping boards for several decades. He spent over six years working for the Rusty Surfboard Company. His experience in shaping and his understanding of the Pacific Northwest surf enables him to shape boards that work in the region which is known for its thick, fast, and heavy waves.

Art will make Eggs, Guns/Semis, Shortboards, Discs, Beach Break Destroyers, Fun Fishes, Big Guy Boards, Classic Fishes, Hybrids, Womens mini's, Hi Performance, Gliders, and Kite boards. If you ride it, Art can make it.

6'0" X 18 1/2 X 2 1/4

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