USED Stretch Surfboards - 6'2" Stretch Rat Skate Surfboard


Often referred to as the most underrated model in the Stretch line-up, the Skate has been providing joy for all types of surfers in the broadest spectrum of everyday waves available for more than a decade.

Comprising a proven recipe for performance is a balanced template with wide point exact center, continuous rocker, semi-full nose and a semi-full yet predictable tail with bump wing.

The current generation of the Skate retains the usability found in the ÛÏshort and wide۝ design platform but opens up the sizing to be guided into more user friendly small wave prowess without redlining too quickly when swells increase or when you find yourself sitting in position to snag that sneaker set out the back.

Single concave with slight vee out the tail, medium 50/50 rails, even yet aggressive foil and encouraging rocker allow anyone with the desire to shred to do just that. Go aheadÛ_. GO SHRED!

6'2" x 19.25 x 2.45

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