USED Yater Surfboards - 9'3" Pope Bisect Surfboard

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Yater travel board by Pope Bisect

9'3 x 22 5/8 x 2 7/8

Before each board is glassed there are two clampboxes set into the shaped blank- 1 on the deck and the other clampbox on the bottom placed on the opposite side. Once the clampboxes are set the board is ready to be glassed. The finished board is then shipped to us where we complete the actual bisecting process. Once the boards are cut, each half is then sealed with a vacuum molded faceplate that prevents any water from entering. In each faceplate, there is a ten inch opening into each half where a 20 inch annodized aluminum pipe fits nice and snug giving the board strength and stability. The entire bisecting process adds just under two pounds. The real benefit by having a two piece surfboard is the convenience when travelling. The Airlines do not charge you any extra baggage fees. It can be checked in as regular luggage! These boards have been tested in huge Hawaiian surf and have performed just fine.

*Surfboards DO NOT qualify for FREE Shipping. If you add a surfboard to the cart you will be sent an invoice with the shipping cost. Your surfboard will not be released for delivery until the invoice is paid. Surfboard shipping varies from $60 to $150 depending on the length of package and destination. Surfboards are shipped in the continental US only.


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