USED Vulcan Surfboards - 5'10" HexaFish Surfboard



The Hexafish 2016
The Hexafish is new model set for 2016. The Hexafish is a planing fish designed inspired by elements of our well loved planing hulls. The Hexafish cruises through all conditions with fluid rythym and speed to burn whle the down rail design gives you plenty of lateral bite on the face of steeper waves . A critical feature of the design is the shallow fish tail which allows you to get your feet behind the cluster for greater leverage and control. The natural speed and acceleration of our planing hull concaves lends to a more relaxed approach when navigating sections and critical areas without breaking your style.

5'10.5" x 20 x 2 3/8 - 33 CL

With Gorilla FCS II "Eat Sleep Wave Repeat" Tri-Quad Fins Included

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