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YOW SKATEBOARDS La Jolla 35" Power Surfing Series Yow Surfskate

The Jolla 35″ will be released in 2023, being the longest board in the Power Surfing Series. After several tests with our riders and feedbacks from brand ambassadors we have made the perfect mix between Riding Performance and Power Surfing. It follows the old school line providing comfort in your stance. Its 35 inches speak for themselves when you want to control a powerful turn as it allows you to control your body position comfortably at a certain speed. An all terrain board that facilitates your stability thanks to its medium concave and wide tail rocker, which will keep your feet attached to the board at all times. It makes its difference by having the roomiest wheelbase (21″) among the Performance and Power Series models. For those surfers who want to keep a good distance between feet also on asphalt, allowing more control in high speed turns and at the same time precision in more vertical turns and even in airs and slides thanks to its tail rocker. Mounted with the Meraki system (S5) and Ura wheels 66x51mm 78A to feel the maximum grip on all types of asphalt and to be able to make comfortable lines.

Complete Surfskate
Size: 35″ x 10.5″ x 21″ WB
Trucks: YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver
Wheels: YOW URA 66x51mm MAYO 78A
YOW System: Meraki (S5)
Concave: Medium
Rocker: Tail Rocker

$ 251.96
$ 299.95
$ 251.96
$ 299.95

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