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Recent Articles

Listen to Bruce Irons
November 25, 2015

Even though he keeps a low profile these days, owning whatever he wants at Pipe and other places, Bruce Irons represents surfing, so he should be heard. Here's a chance to listen

Product Review: Xcel Drylock Bootie
November 24, 2015

  The guy busting an air in that photo is not wearing rental booties. He is wearing Xcel Drylock booties. But one way to appreciate the Drylock bootie is to try on our zip-up rental booties: Plenty of room for...

Film Critic: 'Psychic Migrations' Afterthoughts
November 22, 2015

Much praise for Volcom's latest surf film Psychic Migrations, yes, (see here), but it's one thing to watch a movie alone, and another to watch it with someone else and their perspective.  Two issues have come up: Exposing a killer, little-known spot,...

The Thrill is Back: A New Herbie Fletcher Video Throwback
November 17, 2015

OK folks, in surfing there are some legendary families, and the Fletchers are one. If you don't know who Christian and, especially these days, Nathan are, time to cruise the internet. Their dad, Herbie, was a radical surfer/waterman in his...