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Xcel Drylock 5/4 Review
July 16, 2015

Nothing works better for cold water than neoprene and Scotch. The Drylock is top shelf like Laphroaig 18, warming and comforting and they do a damn fine job. You'll see a lot of Drylock 5/4s along our shivery coast, even...

Shredding at SOFAS Surf Camp!
July 05, 2015

The day started off fun but serious, like surfing should be—donuts and fresh fruit at Seaside Surf Shop—and stayed that way. Unusually warm and sunny weather made the idea of surfing a natural one for even the newbies. The waiting...

Color Summer
June 30, 2015

Colors from Northwest Surf Designs Longtime local shaper Scott Rowley knows how to build a surfboard for our coast. Summertime beachbreak party-wave-crasher. Light it up down at Shortys or wherever, add some color to your style. Handcrafted just up the...

SOFAS 2015 -- Free Family Surf Day!
June 07, 2015

Kids and parents rejoice: Summer is back. You can go surfing. Get connected with Mother Nature and with the family unit. Seaside Oregon Family Adventures Surfing (SOFAS) is a local foundation that brings children and their parents into the waves...