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Color Summer
June 30, 2015

Colors from Northwest Surf Designs Longtime local shaper Scott Rowley knows how to build a surfboard for our coast. Summertime beachbreak party-wave-crasher. Light it up down at Shortys or wherever, add some color to your style. Handcrafted just up the...

SOFAS 2015 -- Free Family Surf Day!
June 07, 2015

Kids and parents rejoice: Summer is back. You can go surfing. Get connected with Mother Nature and with the family unit. Seaside Oregon Family Adventures Surfing (SOFAS) is a local foundation that brings children and their parents into the waves...

June 07, 2015

Every year, back to the roots. Swap Meet 2015, on June 20th. Buy or barter for vintage, 80s, or ultra-modern gear, and come hang out. Benefit Hawaiian plate lunch served by The Clean-Up Set posse that helps keep our Cove...

Clean-up $et $ALE$
June 07, 2015

Let your wallet get barreled: 20% off select suits by Roxy and Quiksilver, plus the bomber Xcel Infiniti X2 5/4. Just like the waves don't come every day, we don't have suits on sale all the time. But the sun's...