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Northwest Surf Designs
Local NW Pacific Shaper Scott Rowley brings 20 years of experience of making surfboards that ride great in the heavy surf of the Northern Oregon Coast.
Shuler Surfboards
Shuler surfboards. Local shaper Lanny Shuler has over 40 years experience in shaping boards. You havent experienced surfing in Oregon until you ride a Shuler.
Used Surfboards For Sale
Used Surfboards at Seaside Surf Shop, huge selection, give us a ring if you like something you see!
Hobie Surfboards
Hobie Surfboards - Leading manufacturer of high quality surfboards shaped by Terry Martin.
North Pacific Surfboards
North Pacific Surfboards featuring shaper Art Colyer
Rusty Surfboards
Rusty Surfboards shaped by Rusty Preisendorfer who has shaped over 30,000 boards by hand
LOST Surfboards
LOSTt surfboards - available custom and factory shapes - call us now!
Timmy Patterson Surfboards
Timmy Patterson Surfboards - one of the most highly regarded shapers around
Walden Surfboards
Walden Surfboards - Featuring Steve Waldens Magic Model Surfboards - The easiest boards to ride