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Futures Fins - Controller Fiberglass Quad Fin Set - Bamboo

Old-school reborn. Good for revivalist shapes. Focused and drivey thanks to their bigger size, stiff but responsive fiberglass, and Futures V2 foil up front so you can tic-tac for speed and go off the wall, on a quad. Controller. Sick. 

The Controller is a split keel quad setup designed specifically for use in wide tail fish designs. The honeycomb & bamboo construction, V2 foil and large surface area are great for generating speed and maintaining it through a sequence of turns. With the upright positioning of the quad rears, there is a skatey feel to the set, similar to a twin keel, but with more control.

                  Side Fins           Rear Fin
Area          18.24                 12.06
Height        4.50                   4.53
Base          5.05                   3.89
Foil            V2                      80/20