Vissla Wetsuits

Vissla Wetsuits. We are excited to introduce more from the most contemporary wetsuit range around. From Japanese limestone neoprene, to fusion sealed seams, to the most flexible furnace material on the market Vissla is excited to expand their wetsuit offering to keep you toasty in the water for those triple sessions. Building upon the understated gimmick-less but great wetsuit style "the 7 Seas" that launched Vissla into the wesuit business, they have given you more of what you are looking for with the introduction of the stylish and functional 50/50 and Vibes into the range. They have developed a new model within their wesuit division dubbed the "North Seas", a colder weather and more technical series of suits created for the coldest of surfing climates. To continue their effort in supporting the fight to sustain our environment, they worked with Sheico to develop one of the worlds most environmentally friendly wesuits, the "Eco Seas" wetsuit. To top it all off they continue to collaborate with the premium Japanese hand made wetsuit manufacturer Bewet to produce the highest quality rubber for those wetsuit aficionados.