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Xcel Wetsuits


Xcel has always focused on purpose-driven development and functional design since day 1 when ED D'Ascoli started the brand out of his sunset beach house on the North Shore. Leaning on professional talent of those around him and personal experience, Ed - hailing from New Jersey where the water temps are slightly colder than the temperate Hawaiian waters - understood that the tools must match the talent to perform at the highest levels in all conditions. There are a few key items a surfer needs: surfboard, a set of fins, wax and protective coverage. Instilling that notion into every aspect of the Xcel brand, the production of products has always been approached from a hard goods perspective. Xcel prides itself in creating the tools a surfer needs to comfortably surf to the highest abilities they can achieve. Whether in the cold waters of the Northwest & Northeast to the warm waters off the North Shore, Xcel allows a surfer to stay out longer, to be warmer and to feel confident from the second your feet hit the water.

R&D is a crucial aspect to product success as well a one of the cornerstones to Xcel's positioning in the marketplace. XCEL IS A WETSUIT AND SURF HARD GOODS COMPANY FIRST AND FOREMOST. They do not have the distractions of having to play to the fashion or soft goods segment of the surf industry. Each of their products are designed in the U.S.A. out of their factory in Hawaii. The products undergo test after test to insure the most competitive fit and performance standards. With this dedication to category driving their business, they have a competitive advantage with access to new technologies and materials. THERE ARE NO GIMMICKS. Every inch of the product serves a purpose. It is with that they instill trust and reliability with their ambassadors, partners and most importantly their customers.

Lastly, Xcel is proud to state that they are environmentally conscious throughout all of their production efforts. From using water-based glues, recycled polyester and limestone based neoprene as well as recycling as much of their neoprene waste as possible, Xcel constantly strives to minimize their environmental impact.