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True Ames Pavel Speed Dialer Quad Fins - Futures Compatible

4 Fin Set.
The Speed Dialer fins, designed by long time shaper Rich Pavel, were developed in order to provide greater performance ability to fish style boards. The design is essentially a traditional keel style fin... deconstructed, split in 2, and turned into a quad set. Positive drive and fluidity are key characteristics, but these fins also allow for quick release, speed through turns, and easier backhand surfing than a traditional keel.

HEIGHT: 4.38" / 111 mm
BASE: 4.30" / 109 mm
AREA: 13.44”² / 86.70 cm²

HEIGHT: 4.77" / 121 mm
BASE: 3.44" / 87 mm
AREA: 13.56”² / 87.50 cm²