Xcel Infiniti Glove Review 2017-2018

Xcel Infiniti Glove Review 2017-2018

Infinity is hard to comprehend. The ocean seems infinite, especially in cold water regions like the North East Pacific. Surfing’s radness is infinite, that’s for sure. And Xcel’s Infiniti gloves make you feel like paddling and catching waves forever. It’s incredible when you understand what the right pair of surf gloves can actually do for you.
The Infiniti glove simplifies the Drylock glove and adds some durability. Xcel has 35 years of experience making wetsuits, so when they make a mid-range glove like the Infiniti, they build it right. An ergonomic fit, designed with only surfing in mind, sets the standard for a high-tech but not high-priced surf glove.Seaside Surf Infiniti 2017/8 Infiniti Surf Glove Review Photo
This year’s all new Infiniti glove stays extra toasty with Thermo Lite lining, a plush addition that goes a long way when the waves are too good to leave. Taitex outer seam seals create watertight strength, helping the gloves endure season after season. Quick dry lining has your hands happy from the beginning. And solar power runs the headquarters at Xcel, which keeps Hawaii healthy.

Besides the warmth, stretch, and watertight lightness, Xcel Infiniti gloves grip your board better than your bare hands do. A super tacky palm grabs a surfboard like Quick Humps hold your feet. In fact, they ought to put this material on boards and forget the wax. But they’d at least have to make it smell like coconut or rootbeer.

The future exists today in the form of Xcel Infiniti gloves. It’s that easy to turn your surfing up a notch. So what if the water isn’t warm. Get some gloves and go slash waves. These are some of the sickest surf-specific gloves in the wide world of gloves, ever. Which is why a lot of our local surfers swear by no other than the Infiniti glove. Slip a pair on and enjoy the magic ocean ride.

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