Isurus Alpha Elite Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Isurus Alpha Elite Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

There’s nothing elitist about wearing a first-class wetsuit. Priorities matter: things like warmth, comfort, and performance while surfing. If you want to surf your best in cool to cold water, you might as well wear a wetsuit like the Isurus Alpha Elite (available in a 4/3mm or 3/2mm) and revel in the salty bliss.
The genius of Isurus is no secret. It begins with the finest neoprene on Earth. Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, made from limestone instead of petrochemicals, hardly compares to standard wetsuit “rubber.” For one thing, it’s far less dense and holds only 2% of its weight in water. This means you lose less heat in warming the wetsuit from within. It also translates into durability and stretch, while remaining lightweight and quick drying. Isurus says to drop 1mm from the industry standard wetsuit (so, an Isurus 4/3 equals a typical 5/4), and they’re right. Yamamoto rules. It’s also better for the environment, which rules even more.
Besides superior neoprene, Isurus goes hi-tech with design. The Alpha Elite, like all Isurus suits, is made for surfing. Body mapping helps define the way their wetsuits come together: each panel is cut to create a shape that permits full-on paddling. Range of motion meets no limits, especially when your arm is outstretched, and the wetsuit’s fit is precise. Ease of paddling means energy saved for ripping waves, and quicker strokes to blast past the masses.
Compression technology provides another space-age feature by wrapping your muscles tightly, so they get more highly-oxygenated blood, which is like adding fuel to a fire. Olympians and pro athletes have used compression for years, and Isurus has introduced it to surfing. MST Muscle Stabilization also enhances muscle performance by preventing high frequency vibration, therefore fighting fatigue and stress. Welcome to the future.
For added comfort, Isurus puts zirconium fleece against your back, and on the outside of that smooth Nano Skin repels wind chill. The rest of the suit remains stretchy without smooth skin, and more durable, proof that Isurus put uncountable hours into the development of their wetsuits. Go top shelf, get into an Isurus Alpha Elite 4/3/4 or 3/2/3, and surf like the gold standard.

4/3mm made for water temps from 50-57℉, 3/2mm for 54-61℉.

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