Isurus Women's Ember 4/5/4mm Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Isurus Women's Ember 4/5/4mm Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Isurus named its new women’s wetsuit as purposefully as they built it: hot to the core. The Ember 4/5/4mm was made for women surfers who seek absolute warmth, and since Isurus built it, the highest level of quality, materials, and technology come included. Thus begins a new era in women’s surf wetsuits, finally.
Few wetsuit companies dwell in the category of elites, but Isurus never set out to do otherwise. The goal was to make premium wetsuits for surfers, and after a handful of years making men’s suits they now offer a women’s version. Undeniably, the Ember 4/5/4 is one of the best women’s wetsuits ever created. It all begins with the neoprene, and at Isurus that means Yamamoto, made in Japan.

Created from limestone instead of oil, Yamamoto brand neoprene offers serious benefits over standard rubber. It’s less toxic, much lighter, amazingly warmer, and way stretchier, plus it’s more durable and quicker to dry. Limestone neoprene holds only 2% of its weight in water, which helps explain its high performance. It just feels luxurious, really. Isurus wetsuits are soft and supple like good cashmere, which means they make you want to surf more, no matter how cold the ocean.
Another feature of Isurus wetsuits, compression technology, wraps your muscles tight, so they receive more oxygen-rich blood. This boosts your paddling power and reduces your recovery time after a long session. Athletes in mainstream sports have used compression for years, and Isurus has brought it to surfing. An added benefit to compression in surf wetsuits is the tighter fit, which prevents flushing.

A highly-effective chest zip entry system keeps cold water out while not restricting your paddling. The Ember’s smooth skin hood comes lined with cozy zirconium fleece, so that wind gets repelled but warmth stays in. Fleece also lines the suit’s chest and back, which use 5mm neoprene for core warmth. The Ember 4/5/4 also has 5mm from the waist down, and is one continuous piece from hip to elbow, for enhanced paddling range of motion. The arms and shoulders are 4mm, again for supreme paddling ease. Yamamoto SCS Ti Tape seals the suit from within. Isurus wants you to catch more waves.

The Ember offers absolute comfort, functionality, and warmth, plus the stoke you get from wearing Yamamoto neoprene and a good-looking design that prioritizes performance. If you’ve got to surf in cold waters, which we think is rad, you might as well do so in an Isurus wetsuit that’s made specifically for women who ride waves.

For water temps 47-56℉

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