Xcel Men's Comp X Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Xcel Men's Comp X Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Xcel Men's Comp X Wetsuit New 2017-2018Surfing in the new Xcel Comp X wetsuit, now made of luscious 100% Japanese neoprene, makes you feel like a samurai. Absolute stretch and warmth allow you to focus zen-like on the wave, and paddle with lightning speed. And with two hooded suits in the Comp X quiver—a 4.5mm and a 5.5mm—you’re prepared for the coldest temps.
Following a SIMA Wetsuit of the Year Award for 2017, the updated Comp X looks poised to win again this year. Until now, Xcel used standard petroleum-based neoprene like most companies, which holds a lot of water compared to Japanese limestone neoprene, making it heavier and colder. But the switch to the most buttery neoprene on Earth means the Comp X performs amazingly better on all levels, even the environmental. By choosing limestone over oil, Xcel has reduced its carbon footprint and kept the planet a little less
In addition to the added stretch of Japanese rubber, the Comp X relies on an exclusive design. Silky nylon covers the exterior of the suit, replacing bulky soft skin neoprene, which allows for a single panel from shoulders to knees on the front and on the back. The suit becomes free-flowing enough for slaying with sword or surfboard.

New Xcel Men's Comp X Wetsuit 2017-2018 In Stock NowXcel Wetsuits Men's Comp X Hooded and Non-Hooded InsideThermo Dry Celliant lines the suit from neck to feet, insulating the wetsuit with your body’s infrared heat. New FusionX tape seals the seams, and Xcel only uses water-based, low VOC glues. The badass features go on and on. But the bill-less hood, available in a 5.5/4.5mm or a 4.5/3.5mm, and the price tag under $400 make the new Comp X invincible against competitors. As a Surf Shop Exclusive wetsuit, Xcel intends the Comp X fall only into the hands of true masters. It’s that lethal.
Even just wearing this suit in the parking lot, people will respect you, and girls will give you looks.

Xcel Comp X Men's Wetsuit Hooded Non-Hooded New 2017-2018

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