One of the warmedst wetsuits in the world, the brand new Xcel Drylock X wetsuit, hooded or not, available now so buy one quick

Xcel Men's Drylock X Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Xcel just perfected the wheel. The new Drylock X wetsuit takes the best of the Drylock, and adds higher-tech materials like Celliant Black, and 100% Japanese neoprene. The Drylock X has become the warmest, most sophisticated suit in the Xcel line-up. It’s something James Bond would wear if he could surf.
Inside and out of the super new Xcel Drylock X wetsuit so goodLightweight rules in surfing, and finally wetsuits have headed in that direction. Switching to Japanese neoprene lightens up the new Drylock suits, which makes them warmer, more flexible, and less water-logged. Japanese neoprene is made of limestone instead of petrochemicals, so it is also better for the environment. This and other advances in neoprene have allowed Xcel to cut its CO2 emissions by 6 pounds per suit. Light in weight and in carbon footprint is rad.
Celliant Black, exclusive to Xcel, improves on standard TDC (Thermo Dry Celliant). A new blend of minerals makes the smart fabric even more efficient at refracting body heat. From wrists to ankles Celliant Black lines the Drylock X, wrapping your core in warmth so you can surf longer and rip harder. Your blood stays warm and flowing, which facilitates muscle motion, and this converts into raw paddling and wave-slaying power.
Xcel Drylock X Hooded 5/4 Celliant Black Smart FabricA new sleeve design, and plenty of other features, help keep cold water out of the Drylock X. Power Seam stitchless bonding, backed by new FusionX heat pressure seam tape, seals out leaks. As the only Xcel wetsuit to include a waterproof zipper, the Drylock X stands out for its tight closure, its anatomical slant design, and how well it fends off icy flushes. Meanwhile, Drylock wrist seals and NexSkin ankle seals grip around your limbs.
Xcel’s new Drylock X is the current state of avant-garde wetsuits. Engineered for surfing, insulated for the coldest waters, and guaranteed to last, the Drylock X gives you a license to kill it.



Xcel Cold Water Wetsuits 2017-18 Drylock X

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