Xcel Men's Infiniti Hooded Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

Xcel Men's Infiniti Hooded Wetsuit Review 2017-2018

2017 Hooded Infiniti Wetsuit Review.

The new Xcel Infiniti wetsuit has learned a lot from the Drylock over the years. Like a younger brother, the Infiniti follows in the Drylock’s pioneering footsteps, inheriting technological advances like Thermo Dry Celliant and design features like a chest entry. Think Andy Irons for the Drylock, an elite, hi-performance wetsuit, and consider the Infiniti as Bruce: hard working, indestructible, hard core.
All of the top-level Xcel wetsuits, including the Infiniti, are now made of 100% Japanese neoprene. Unlike normal wetsuit rubber, it’s hydrophobic, so it doesn’t hold water. This makes it super stretchy, buttery, warm and lightweight. Xcel Infiniti Wetsuits 2017/18By using limestone instead of petrochemicals, Japanese neoprene helps the planet out, and Xcel recycles production scraps to save 5.5 tons each year. Premium neoprene makes the Infiniti that much better.
A fresh design also improves the new Infiniti. The chest entry system opens easier, so you can slide into your suit and quickly into a tube, and peel it off no problem when you’re done. A watertight zipper and magnetic closure keep you warmer. New one-piece shoulders make paddling more comfortable and efficient, and allow for max rotation in A.I.-style roundhouse cutbacks or Bruce barrels and airs.
Fuzzy, high pile TDC heat-refracting smart fabric lines the torso, and plush Thermo Lite lines the rest of the suit. New FusionX seam tape keeps leaks out, along with NexSkin wrist and ankle seals and a Glide Skin collar. Quick-dry fibers in the lining will have your wetsuit ready and warm for daily surf sessions. The Infiniti’s ergonomic fit uses minimal seams to increase flexibility, and 100% super stretch nylon makes you feel like you’re surfing in Hawaii even when it’s snowing.
All you gotta do is imagine yourself in some heavy, cold water with solid swell running, and you’re in your current wetsuit or you’re in a new Xcel Infiniti.

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